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Plastcompactors of the class HV - agglomeration with Herbold machines

Conurbation of powders, fibers, foils and foamed plastics drying of powders, fibers, foils and foamed plastics Rekristallisierung of PET-Flakes Compoundierung of Thermoplasten with fillers

PC, PE, PP, HP, PA, PET, PVC, ABS and other Thermoplaste, in addition, group materials are processed, drily or humid. With high Durchsatzleistung, in fully automatic continuous operation with the slightest personnel expenditure.

Clean or washed plastics are agglomerated. The result is a rieselfähiges granulate material of high density. Foils, fibers and foamed plastics at the end are dried by washing processes and dividing processes. PET-Flakes are crystallised after diminishing hot washing processes. Compoundiert become plastics and fillers



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